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Derby Mercury - 1 December 1897 (Document)

Friday.— Before G. W. Peach, E. S. Milnes, R Waite, Vernon Mellor, W. G. Copestake, and J. Hardy Smith, Esqrs.
HE HAD BEEN TO DERBY MARKET.— Robert Cresswell, farmer, of Shirley, was charged by police constable Durkan of being drunk while in charge of a horse and trap at Mackworth on the 23rd.— The sergeant said Cresswell was sitting in the cart drunk, and without his hat. Two men held the horse until witness arrived, and then the prisoner gave a lot of trouble. He would not go quietly, and witness had to hold him while a man named Webster drove them to the County Police Station at Derby.— Cresswell, who had been to Derby market, was fined 10s. with 13s. costs, this being his second offence of a similar nature.

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