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Derby Daily Telegraph - 15 November 1887 (Document)

PETTY SESSIONS, Saturday.— Before Mr. C. B. Kingdon, Mr. H. C. Okeover, Mr. C. W. Jervis Smith, and Mr. J. Simpson.
FATHER AND SON.— Joseph Swindell, of Shirley, labourer, was charged with stealing a steel grate, the property of Mr. Samuel Normanshaw, of Shirley on November 11th; and he was further charged with stealing, on the same day, the back of a gate from the premises of Mr. Mellor, of Shirley.— He pleaded guilty to both offences, and elected to be tried summarily, and was fined £1 10s. in each case.—— Oswald Swindell, of Longford, a farm servant, was charged with stealing a scythe on the 11th of September last, belonging to Mr. Joshua Gregory, farm bailiff to the Hon. E. K. W. Coke.— Police constable Henslock found the stolen property in all these three cases at the house of the father. Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 10s.

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