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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 1 July 1887 (Document)

The Jubilee day was celebrated here with great heartiness. A procession, headed by the Quarndon Band, proceeded to the vicarage, thence to the church, where a special service was performed by the Rev. W. R. Linton, vicar. Dinner was served hot, and consisted of the old English fare— roast beef and plum pudding. About 120 guests sat down. The chair was taken by the vicar. The vicar and Mrs Linton had kindly invited all the children, their parents, and friends to tea at the vicarage, and added much to the enjoyment of the day. Mr. Cresswell, of Shirley Hall, kindly let a field for the occasion, in which a tent was erected, and flags and banners were gaily floating in all directions. Very early in the morning the bells were ringing, and the Royal standard was hoisted from the church tower. Sports and games were enjoyed by many till dusk. Great praise is due to the committee and to the ladies who kindly gave their services. Many thanks and a hearty cheer were given to Mr. and Mrs Linton for their kindness, which brought the proceedings to a close.
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Cresswell, Robert
Linton, William Richardson
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