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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 13 February 1885 (Document)

PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY, February 7th.— [Before C. B. Kingdon, Esq. and C. W. Jervis Smith, Esq.]— Samuel Normanshaw, of Shirley, was summoned for being drunk at Shirley on the 30th. January.— He stated that he was quiet and could walk home without assistance, although he was drunk.— Fined 5s and 8s. 6d. costs.
Hamlet Yates was summoned by the police for being drunk and disorderly at Shirley, on the 30th ult.— It appeared that the defendant and a lot of other men who are draining on the estate of Sir Andrew Walker were going home to Hollington from their work, when they called at the Shirley public house, and stayed there some time and then proceeded on their way home.— The police-constable stated that Yates was noisy outside the house, and used bad language when he cautioned him.— This Yates denied, and stated that he never saw the constable at all outside the house, but saw him come into the house, and never spoke to him. Yates also called two of his companions, who stated the same, and said that they were all sober.— Case dismissed.

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