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Derby Mercury - 6 May 1857 (Document)

SHIRLEY.— On Sunday, the 19th ult., a new and well-tuned organ, built by Holdich, London, was played for the first time in Shirley Church, which was numerously attended by the parishioners, who in the most praise-worthy manner had almost unanimously contributed toward its erection. An appropriate sermon was preached by the much respected vicar, the Rev. E. W. Michell, who in his peculiar and powerful style showed the Scriptual authority for and value of sacred music, both instrumental and vocal; and maintained that to praise God with the heart and with the understanding, approximates more closely to the service of the redeemed above than any other part of our earthly service. In the afternoon the Rev. A. B. Clarke followed up the same subject, and a liberal collection was made on each occasion.

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