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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 12 December 1856 (Document)

Mr. Editor,— A short time ago you drew the attention of your readers cases of rabies that had occurred in this neighbourhood. Now I can add the fearful list. Mr. Hodgkinson, of Kniveton, has lost another valuable heifer, making in all three. Mr. Litchfield, of Shirley Common, has a dog which has become rabid, and bitten one of his own horses in four places, as he was chained to the kennel. I have applied the usual remedies to the wounds. Last Thursday another mad dog appeared at Osmaston, and was shot the keeper of F. Wright, Ksq., but not before it had bitten a person.
In our own town, Mr. W. Howard has lost his old blind pony. I have not seen him, but understand the symptoms were those of rabies. Mrs. Mellor, of the Cross Keys, in Compton, Ashbourne, has cow now decidedly rabid, approaching the last stage; and I have heard of another cow in the neighbourhood that is dead of brain fever, it is said, but which I hope will not prove have been rabid. Beside the above list, I have known of five other dogs which have been rabid in the neighbourhood, some of them having been at large before being destroyed. In my opinion it will not bo safe for the inhabitants and cattle of this neighbourhood if any dogs are allowed to loose without muzzle, for some months to come.
I remain, sir, yours. &c.,
W. Cox, M.R.C.V.S.

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