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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 13 April 1888 (Document)

The annual vestry meeting was held in the school-room, Saturday. March 24th, the Rev W. R. Linton, vicar, in the chair. Mr. J. Massey was nominated guardian. Mr Redshaw and Mr. Swindell overseers, Mr. Gilman and Mr. Massey surveyors. and Mr. Millward and Mr Maskrey assessors of taxes. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the meeting—The Easter vestry meeting was held on Thursday, 5th inst. The Vicar occupied the chair. After the churchwardens' accounts were produced and passed, Mr. Wm. Maskery was re-elected vicar's warden, Mr. C. Wheeldon parish warden, and Mr. Bainbrigge and Mr. Howard were re-elected lay representatives, a vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the meeting.

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