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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 17 March 1865 (Document)

MR. BROWNSON begs respectfully to announce to his Patrons, Friends, and the Public that he has received instructions from Mrs. Metcalf, to DISPOSE by PUBLIC COMPETITION, on TUESDAY, March 21st, 1865, the entire of her Live Dead FARMING STOCK, Produce. &c., comprising, in part, 1 Shorl-horned newly-calved DAIRY COW, first class incalf Heifers, 1 barren ditto, 5 capital barren Stirks, 3 good yearling Cow Calves. 1 Bull ditto, 1 rearing Cow Calf, capital Grey Cart Colt, rising 4 years old, 2 store Geese, 10 couple barn-door Fowls, one 4½in. Cart with wraithes, one ditto ditto with ditto and sideboards, narrowwheeled ditto with ditto, pair of light-cart wheels and axle, shaft and other gears, bag fan, Plough, Horse Hoe, Scuffler, chain Harrows, 2 Grindstones, Iron Pig Troughs, Hay Rakes aud Forks, with large quantity of small Implements too namerons mention ; tin and brass Cheesepans, Cream Churn, &c.. &c., Curdbreaker, Wheytubs, Cheese Vats and Girths, Cheese Shelves, &c., &c. Product sold to go off. Stack of exceedingly well got Clover Hay. Part of a Slack of exceedingly well got prime old Meadow Hay. Quantity of Wheat Straw, ditto Turnips, Potatoes.

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