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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 11 March 1859 (Document)

SHIRLEY OLD PARK, in the County of Derby.
Superior DAIRY COWS and HEIFERS, STIRKS, HORSES, COLT, SHEEP, plough, hay, straw, manure, fixtures, &c., &c.
on the premises of Mr. Thomas Copestake, who is giving up his farm, Shirley Old Park, on TUESDAY, the 15th day of March,1859.
Sale to commence at eleven o'clock.
This sale comprises three useful dairy cows, on early note; four very capital incalf heifers, four stirks, one barren heifer; powerful eight year old mare; ditto horse, the same age; two year old colt; twenty three hogs; double plough, three stacks of excellent hay, six stacks of what straw, about 43 cubic yards of manure, eleven stone caps and pillars, cow chains, stone troughs, cast iron boiler and underwork, salting stone, brewing copper and underwork, and sundry fixtures.
N.B.— The hay, straw, &c., to be removed on or before the 24th inst.

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