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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 30 June 1848 (Document)

INQUEST.— An inquest was held on Tuesday, the 27th inst., in the parish of Shirley, on the body of John Beck, a boy nine years old . Deceased was in the service of Mr. Copestake, of Shirley Old Park, farmer, and on Monday morning last, he and Mr. T. Copestake, we're bringing up a mare and her foal (about 10 weeks old), from grass. Mr. T. Copestake was riding on the mare, with the foal following her. Deceased was walking behind the foal, and as it was supposed playing with it, as he had been in the habit of doing, when the foal kicked him on the pit of the stomach, and he died almost immediately. Verdict, "Accidental death".

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