The Shirley Village Archive

Derby Daily Telegraph - 8 June 1931 (Document)

Hornsby's.—N Green Mellor 7, Goodier b Mellor 0, J Weaver Mellor 0, S Foster Mellor 5, A Weaver c Taylor b Morley 12, R Crooks b Broad 6, S Spencer Morley 7, Foster not out 2, F Parnell Morley 1, extras 3, total (8 dec.) 43. Shirley*—Wheeldon b Green 4, Wood run out 5, Russell b Green 0, Broad c S Foster b Green 15, Lilley b J Weaver 1, Morley not out 10, Taylor b Weaver 0, Goodall not out 17, extras 1, total (6wkts dec.) 53.

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