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Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald - 23 October 1936 (Document)

Messrs. W. S. Bagshaw and Sons conducted the sixth annual sale of fat cattle. Ayrshire cattle, fat lambs and breeding ewes, at Shirley Common Farm, near Ashbourne, on Thursday week, by instructions from Sir lan Walker. Bart. The 55 grand quality Aberdeen Angus cross and blue grey heifers and bullocks made up to £27, and the 27 Ayrshire heifers up to £3O 10s. The 147 lambs, sold in pens of 10, made up 63s., and Banffshire ewes up to 78s. The Suffolk rams made up to six guineas. Fat pigs made up to 2s. 6d. Fat cattle were sold with the benent of the subsidy, and the price of 50s. per cwt. was obtained. There was a large company of high-class butchers present from a wide area, and a very good trade was experienced throughout.

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