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Wages (Document)

At Culland, Mr. William Cox gives his regular labourers 4s. to 5s. in the Winter, and 6s. to 7s. per week in the summer; finds them a cottage and good garden, at 20s. Rent; fetches their coals; keeps them a cow at 50s., including Baulks to cut Hay enough for her during the Winter (the whole keeping worth about 4l.) These cows are as well kept as his own, and some of their owners sell 2 cwt. or more of Cheese, from their cow; they each keep a pig. The prices without these privileges is, in the Winter, 8s. to 10s. per week and board in the house; and 12s. to 15s. in Hay-time and harvest, with 3 quarts of Small Beer and 1 of Ale daily.

General View of the Agriculture of Derbyshire; with Observations on the Means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the Consideration of The Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
By John Farey, Sen. 1817

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