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Results of the 1900 ploughing match (Document)

Class 1 — Ploughing: Servants of a subscriber, who shall plough in the straightest best manner with a pair of horses abreast without a driver one-third of an acre in three hours, not less than five inches deep;
  1. George Bennett, nominated by Mr. Joseph Foster, Foston;
  2. John Hodgkinson. Mr. T. Goodall, Birch House, Brailsford;
  3. James Gilman, Mr. W Brownson, Osmaston;
  4. George Marsh, Messrs. Cook, Kedleston.
Class 2 — Ploughing: Boys, 19 years of age and under, sons or servants of a subscriber who shall plough as in class 1.
  1. Albert F. Harrison. nominated by Mr. E. Harrison, Brailsford;
  2. Thomas Cockeram, Mr. G. Wilson, Kirk Langley;
  3. Frank Cockeram, Mr. John Morley, Kirk Langley;
  4. John Wakefield, Mr. George Wilson, Kirk Langley
Class 3 — Champions Ploughing: Sons or servants of subscribers who shall plough as in class 1.
  1. Edward Hitchcock, Mr. W. Johnson, Shuckton;
  2. Francis Baimbridge, himself;
  3. Thomas Sheppard, Mr. H. Lockett, Kirk Langley.
Special Class, Ploughing, for farmers' sons residing with their parents, who shall plough as in class 1. Winners of previous year not allowed to compete in this class.
  1. Alfred Cockeram, Mrs. Cockeram, Brailsford;
  2. Wm. Chapman, Mr. John Chapman, Ednaston;
  3. Wm. Preston, Mr. Preston, Yeldersley.
Special Prize. — Special prize given by Mr. H. Lockett for best ploughman in classes 1, 2, 3 and Farmers' Sons Class: Divided between Edward Hitchcock and R. A. Cokeram.

Special Class, for best pair horses, the property of a bona-fide tenant farmer open to any pair of horses ploughing in this competition.
  1. T. Goodall, Birch House, Brailsford;
  2. Messrs. Cook, Kedleston;
  3. Mr. J. Yates, North.
Waggoners' prizes in charge of prize winners in the above class.
  1. J. Hodgkinson;
  2. N. Cook;
  3. J. Warner.
Class 4 — Hedge Cutting: Sons or servants of a subscriber, who shall cut and lay ten yards of hedge in the best manner, in three hours.
  1. Philip Hulland. nominated by Mr. G. Wilson, Kirk Langley;
  2. Herbert Gilman. Mr. T. Mellor, Shirley;
  3. Arthur Appleby. Mr. John Sims, Prestwood.
  4. Frank Jeffrey. Mr. H. B. Shaw, Cropper Farm; hc George Wetton. Mr. John Burton Kedleston.
Class 5 — Champions, Hedge Cutting: Men who shall cut and lay ten yards of hedge in the best manner.
  1. Charles Kirkland. nominated by Mr. H. Lockott, Kirk Langley;
  2. James Percival. Mr. Jos. Harrison, Brailsford;
  3. Arthur Pegg. Mr. Joseph Harrison, Brailsford;
  4. Thomas Ashmore, Mr. G. Wilson, Kirk Langley; hc George Warner, Mr. W. Brownson, Osmaston.
Cattle Judging: For farmers' sons, 20 years of age and under, who shall select ten best cattle out of 20, or any other number, in fifteen minutes:
  1. Ernest Gibbs, Kirk Langley, age 16;
  2. Walter Goodall, Birch House, Brailsford, 16;
  3. Trevor Yates, Brailsford, 14;
  4. Walter John White, 18.
Special prizes given by Mr. T. Holmes, Esq., Culland Mount, Brailsford: For farmers' sons who shall judge the nearest value of 10 beast in 10 minutes: Walter Goodall and Uriah Prince divided.

For the best shown on the ground.— Swedes:
  1. Mr. J. Foster, Foston;
  2. Mr. John Chapman, Ednaston; hc Mr. T. R. Yates, Brailsford.
  1. Mr. F. Foster, Brailsford;
  2. Mr. S. Archer, Radbourne; hc Mr. T. Goodall, Birch House, Brailsford.
  1. Mr. S Archer;
  2. Mr. G Wilson, Kirk Langley.
  1. Mr. G. Wilson, Kirk Langley;
  2. Mr. John Morley, Langley; hc Mr. T. Goodall, Birch House, Brailsford.

"PLOUGHING AND HEDGE-CUTTING MATCHES AT BRAILSFORD." Derby Mercury 3 Oct. 1900. 19th Century British Newspapers. Web. 16 June 2016. URL Gale Document Number: GALE|BA3202821796

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