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Derby Mercury, June 14, 1882 (Document)

ASSAULT AT HOLLINGTON.— Chas. Dakin, of Shirley, was summoned for assaulting two boys Thomas and Charles Wheeldon, on 31st of May.— The parties were returning from a "club feast" at Longford, and on descending the from Hollington to Shirley an altercation arose between the mother of the boys and the defendant, who was in liquor. He followed the complainants through a gate and knocked them down. Some conflicting evidence was given, Dakin contending that the boys had thrown stones at himself and friends, who were riding in a spring trap.— Defendant was fined 1l. and costs.

"District News." Derby Mercury 14 June 1882. 19th Century British Newspapers. Web. 12 May 2016. URL Gale Document Number: GALE|BA3202784072

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