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Derby Mercury, October 30, 1861 (Document)

Samuel Atkin, beer-house keeper, of Shirley was summoned on the information of Superintendent Corbishley, for having his house open for the sale of beer after 10 o'clock on the night of the 8th Inst., and he called at Atkin's beer-house at ten o'clock, when Mrs. Atkin spoke to him through the bed-room window, and told the constable that all their company had left and that they were gone to bed. On this the constable on to went away, and re-visited the house at eleven o'clock and found two men in. Several glasses and a jug were on two different tables, the jug containing about one quart of ale.— Mr. Tomlinson, solicitor, appeared for the defendant, who was fined 40s. and costs.

"DISTRICT NEWS." Derby Mercury 30 Oct. 1861. 19th Century British Newspapers. Web. 20 May 2016. URL Document Number: GALE|BA3200028338 (subscription required)

The Beerhouse Act of 1830 enabled anyone to brew and sell beer on payment of a licence costing two guineas.

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