The Shirley Village Archive

Derby Mercury, March 13, 1861 (Document)


JAMES TURNER, Auctioneer and Valuer, respectfully announces to the Public, that he is favoured with instructions from Mr. James Litchfield, to SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises, at Shirley Common, on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, the 18th and 20th days of March, 1861, the whole of his useful HORSES, big, SHEEP, Carriages, Implements, Dairy Utensils, Brewing Vessels, and a portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising 3 valuable horses, 20 prime inlamb ewes, 10 hogs, 3 porket pigs, broad and narrow wheel wagon, with top gear; narrow wheel carts, with top gear and side boards; pair 5-inch wheels, market cart, on in springs; ploughs and harrows, drag harrow, horse hoe, Wheelbarrows, iron land roller, gearing for three horses, the complete; harness, hackney saddle and bridle, side saddle, winnowing an, blowing machine, chaff cutter large beam scales and weights, steelyards, spades, shovels, old corn coffer, quantity of sawn wood, oak, elm, and ash planks, lots of wood, quantity of old iron, &&c., &c.
DAIRY UTENSILS — Milk cans, gawns, brass cheese pan, tin ditto, cheese vats, cheese garths, cream steins, 2 stone cheese presses, milk pancheons, &c., &c.; barrel churn, organ ditto, whey tub, &c.
HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. — Polished steel fender, book shelves, 8 days' clock, 30 hours' ditto, oak desk and drawers, corner cupboard, chairs, arm ditto, oval dining table, oak screen ditto, mahogany stand, wheel-barometer, snuffers and tray, large brass kettle, kitchen requisites, &c. &c.
BED-ROOMS.— Four-post bedsteads, with chintz furniture; wardrobe, half dozen mahogany chairs, looking glass, brass mounted fender, toilet service, half-headed bedsteads. with hangings; oak set of drawers, painted ditto, dressing table looking glass cupboard, chairs, linen chest. &
Sale to commence each day at Eleven o'clock. Dalbury, near Derby.

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