The Shirley Village Archive

William Gillman, farmer & miller (Household)

William was farming 23 acres at Shirley Mill. There was also Ellen, his wife (died April) and William (son). Edward Gailand was visiting on the night of the census.

Hannah Beason, Robert Goodall and Elizabeth & Alice Ault were listed as servants.

The son William dies aged 2 years.

Now farming 66 acres at the Wormsley with Letitia and their new son Thomas. A cousin, Mary Baker was also with them.

John Bennet, Elizabeth Rogers and Charles Wolton were servants.

Back to farming and milling with Letitia. Elizabeth Nash and Ann Mansfield were servants.

Farming 170 acres at the Mount with Letitia, Thomas and Annie. Sarah Bryan and Ambrose Adcock were servants.

William dies at The Mount.

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