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Timothy Gelsthorpe, farmer, Ittingston Farm (Household)

Timothy moves in to Ittingston when his aunt, Ann Yeomans remarries and moves to Brailsford in 1872.

In 1881 there was just Timothy and his housekeeper Ann Tomlinson.

Ann moves back in on the death of her husband in 1886.

1891 Shows Ann Osborne as head of the household with Timothy Gelstharp, her nephew, Elizabeth Gelstharp, a visitor and Annie Holmes, a servant.

Ann dies in 1891.

The Farm is sold in 1898.

By 1901 he's a general labourer living in Yates Street, Derby with his wife Annie (30) and the children Victor (8), Franceline (8) and Eugenie (5) who were all born in Shirley.

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