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Grant of Land (Document)

R. de Ferr' to all his faithful men, greeting. Know ye that the Prior of Tutbury and his convent with my leave have given to Fulk son of Sewald and his heirs in fee 4 bovates of land in Shirley for the rent of four shillings at the feast of St John the Baptist every year for all the services pertaining to the land; and similarly they have given to him their mill which they held in Derby, to him and to his heirs in fee, by my leave for the rent of six shillings and eight pence every year at two terms, namely, at the feast of St John the baptist three shillings and four pence, and at the feast of All Saints, three shillings and four pence; a is declared in their charter. Farewell.

NA ref: DE2638/1/1-2 held by Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office. Dated 1105

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