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Shirley Parish in 1897 (Document)


On the second Sunday in the month, at the 3 p.m. service.

Sunday School

At the School at 3 p.m., except on the second Sunday in the month.

Parochial Libray

Open every Monday from 3 to 3-30 p.m., beginning with Monday, January 3. Subscription 3d. a quarter.

Reading Room

Open every week-day evening from 6 to 10 p.m., during the autumn and winter.

Clothing Club

Deposits received every Monday at the school, from 12 to 12-45.

Ashbourne Magazine and ofBers

are supplied monthly at 1d. Names may be sent to the Vicarage or School.

Parish Record


Feb. 14 — John Arthur, son of Robert and Clara May Ann Hardy.
July 11 — Winifred Annie, daughter of Hamlet and Sarah Elizabeth Yates.
Lawrence James, son off James and Annie Green.
Aug. 15 — John, son of James and Louisa Ann Gilman
Nov. 14 — Sarah, daughter of Richard and Edith Williamson.


Feb. 18 — Hamlet Yates to Sarah Elizabeth Hudson.
Feb. 24 — Walter Normanshaw to Margaret Goodall.
Mar. 27 — Arthur Bull to Nellie Egan.
Nov. 16 — Harry Gilman to Annie Gould.


Feb. 3 — Gilbert Goodall, aged 77.
Feb. 25 — William Gadsby, aged 76.
July 31 — Elizabeth Mellor, aged 56.
Nov. 24 — Mary Leadbitter, aged 82.


Thanks to Tony Taylor.

Hamlet married Sarah in February and their child was baptised in July. Oops.

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