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Bastardy Papers (Document)

BASTARDY PAPERS record the efforts the Overseers made in ensuring fathers of illegitimate children paid for the upkeep of the child. It will record name of mother, the child, usually described as male or female, and not necessarily by name and the putative father. Occupation sometimes given of the father and place of abode. Also may name those who stood surety.
SHIRLEY Bastardy
QSOB 12 Hannah JONES alias SMITH, male, Abraham HARRISON nailer of Belper 1770
Q4/57 Elizabeth OFFELOW Shirley male Wm TAYLOR Ockbrook 18-- (1833?)
Q2/264 Ann SELLARS Yeaveley single Wiliam WIBBERLEY Osmaston next Ashbourne servant 1824
Q2/356 Ann SELLORS Yeaveley single Wm WIBBERLEY Osmaston next Ashbourne, servant. 1825
Q2/368 Ann DALE Shirley single William COPESTAKE Mugginton, farmers servant. 1826
Q2/380 Ann DALE Shirley single William COPESTAKE Mugginton, servant. 1826

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