List of Rights of Way

Below are the 14 rights of way held in the archive:

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Back Lane
Runs SW from Derby Lane, across Hollington Lane and joins Mill Lane.
Brick Kiln Lane
Disused. Runs N to S from Painter's Lane to Derby Lane
Church Lane
Runs N to S from the junction with Hall Lane & Park Lane and the junction with Mill Lane & Hollington Lane.
Derby Lane
Runs E/W between Church Lane and Painter's Lane
Hall Lane
From the junction with Church & Park Lanes, Hall Lane runs NNE to Painter's Lane. Probably formed between 1790 and 1820.
Hollington Lane
Runs SW from the junction with Church Lane and Mill Lane to Hollington. Toward Hollington it becomes Marsh Hollow.
Meadowside Close
Is a cul de sac off Church Lane. The properties on it were built in 1981.
Mill Lane
Mill lane continues Church Lane from the junction with Hollington Lane running SW to Rodsley.According to Fred Hooson, crossing Shirley brook by the mill,…
Painter's Lane
Being a section of the A52, Painter's Lane runs from Ashbourne to Brailsford.
Park Lane
Runs NW from the Hall Lane and Church Lane junction to Osmaston. It is a bridleway for most of the way.
Rough Lane
Runs North off Painter's Lane near the junction with Hall Lane.
St Michael's Close
A cul de sac off Derby Lane
The Crescent
A cul de sac off Back Lane
Wormsley Lane
The turning off Mill Lane to The Wormsley carries straight on to Longford. Guessing from the 1838 tithe map, it may not have been more than a track. It's…

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